We ship these wines every wednesday!We ship these wines every wednesday!

Natural Wine Mini Starter Box DEAL


Price includes taxes, but not delivery

Kinda new to Natural Wine and want us to pick some gems for you that are more on the affordable side? 

Here are three bottles we think show a good variety of how different Natural Wines can be, which we feel everyone will appreciate!

So, what's in your Natural Wine Mini Starter Box:


Bodegas Cueva - Orange

An orange wine? You might have heard the phrase before but weren't quite sure what it means. An orange wine is basically a white wine that is fermented on the skins, which gives it a tannic structure and the more orange colour. This Spanish one is a fun and easy drinking orange wine everyone will enjoy.

Grapes: Macabeu, Tardana / Alcohol: 12,5%

Schmelzer - BiColour

This is actually a white/red blend. It's super fresh in acidity and best served chilled. It reminds us of a blackberry & apple pie, slightly tart in the best way possible. We feel it’s one of the best wines under 15 Euros on the whole shop. Delicious!

Country: Austria / Grapes: Blend / Alcohol: 13%

Voria - Bianco Pet Nat

This is a pet-nat (which stands for pétillant naturel, and to keep it brief, it's basically a naturally sparkling wine). It iss easy, fresh and with a nice mineral touch. We found a nice salinity running through it alongside hints of wet pebble, white peach, cream, melon and vanilla essence.

Country: Italy / Grapes: Catarrato / Alcohol: 12,5%


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Our delivery is quite unique, as we work with our partner importers who supply us the wines to ship to you. This allows you to have much more choice than one shop in general, but the only thing we ask in return is a little patience in delivery and the understanding, that their might be the possibility that one of your wines could be unexpectedly out of stock.  and

If ordered by 10am on Tuesday, we pick up the ordered wines on Wednesdays from our partners, and aim to dispatch the same day! If in Germany, you can expect your wines within 2-3 working days of his day. If elsewhere in Europe, expect between 2-6 working days.
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