We ship these wines every wednesday!We ship these wines every wednesday!

New World Red Box DEAL


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Recently we have been hunting for more wines from New World countries and are happy to have found quite a few lovely choices. Here are three chosen red wines for you.

So, what's in your New World Red Box:

Martha Stoumen - Mendocino Benchlands

This US wine is inspired by the Italian farming tradition where grapes were planted on the poorer soils of the uplifted bench lands of Mendocino County (the rich valley floor soils were reserved for vegetables).

All of the vineyards in this blend are planted on those uplifted benchlands.

Country: USA / Grapes: Petite Syrah, Nero d`Avola, Zinfandel / Alcohol: 13%

The Hermit Ram - Pinot Noir New Zealandia

Lovely Pinot from New Zealand with a mild tannic structure. This one features a (pleasant) vegetal note alongside bursts of blackberry and vanilla. Suggest to decant for best results.

Country: New Zealand / Grapes: Pinot Noir / Alcohol: 12.5%

Das Juice - Red

Huge fruity nose on first opening this Australian wine, with an almost concentrated syrup vibe (in a good way!). Reminds us of blackberry car sweets, boosted with some forest floor vibes. Very, very moreish to drink. A wonderful wine with depth despite minimal tannins and a lightweight body.

Country: Australia / Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir / Alcohol: 13%


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