We ship these wines every wednesday!We ship these wines every wednesday!

Natural Wine Starter Box + Book!


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Kinda new to Natural Wine and want us to pick some gems for you? 

Here are six bottles we think show a good variety of how different Natural Wines can be, which we feel everyone will appreciate! 


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Kinda new to Natural Wine and would love for us to pick some good gems to start with for you? 

Here are six bottles and an awesome book, we think show a lovely variety of how different natural wines can be, which we think most people would appreciate.

So what's in this awesome box?

Pittnauer - Blonde by Nature

This is an Austrian white wine that instantly impressed us for its price point. It showcases how fun natural white wine can be, with a tropical edge and notes of banana, lychee, apple, passionfruit. Tasty!

Grapes: Grüner Veltliner, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay / Alcohol: 12%

Heinrich - Naked Red

A great-value Austrian red wine. We definitely recommend serving this one chilled and you'll be rewarded with a very light, delicate tannin structure and blackberry deliciousness. It's also perfect for grabbing on picnics, if you can keep it cold.

Grapes: Zweigelt, Bläufränkisch, St. Laurent / Alcohol: 12%

Bodegas Cueva - Orange

An orange wine? You might have heard the phrase before but weren't quite sure what it means. An orange wine is basically a white wine that is fermented on the skins, which gives it a tannic structure and the more orange colour. This is an easy-drinking simple  Spanish orange wine which will help you get acquainted with this type of natural wine.

Grapes: Macabeu, Tardana / Alcohol: 13,5%

Mirco Mariotti - Smarazen

This is a pet-nat (which stands for pétillant naturel, and to keep it brief, it's basically a naturally sparkling wine). This white Italian pet-nat is nicely saline and simply put... VERY REFRESHING! It is crisp, but still has a slight twang. 

Grapes: Trebbiano, Malvasia / Alcohol: 12%

Brand - Wildrosé Pur

This wine from the German winemakers Brand is one of the best value Rosé wines we have had in a long time. It's truly delicious, with an earthy presence many other Rosé wines certainly do not have. We LOVE it!

Grapes: Blauer Portugieser / Alcohol: 10%

Vin De LaGamba - Frauenpower

This super fun wine is basically the German equivalent to a very yummy Lambrusco. It’s essentially a fruity, light red with a rounded mouthfeel, yet minimal tannins. You'll find notes of blackcurrant, grape, cola, fizzy sweets and lime. BUT be careful - this wine has so much Frauenpower, it's excited to get out! Serve VERY cold and have a glass to hand when you open - it WILL bubble over haha!

Grapes: Dornfelder, Sylvaner / Alcohol: 9,5%

BOOK: Alice Feiring "Natural Wine for the People"

A compact illustrated guide to the emerging and enormously popular category of natural wine, a style that focuses on minimal intervention, lack of additives, and organic and biodynamic growing methods.

176 pages / Language: English


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