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Kinda new to Natural Wine and want us to pick some gems for you? 

Here are six bottles we think show a good variety of how different Natural Wines can be, which we feel everyone will appreciate! 


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Kinda new to Natural Wine and want us to pick some gems for you? 

Here are six bottles we think show a good variety of how different Natural Wines can be, which we feel everyone will appreciate! 

So what's in the box?

Partida Creus - VN Blanco (white)

A fresh Spanish white wine, full of elderflower and delightful herbal hits!

We would class this juicy bomb from iconic winemaking duo Partida Creus as 'dangerously easy drinking'. This is a wine everyone will appreciate - trust us!

Claus Preisinger - Puszta Libre (red)

A red wine that might change your life to love drinking all light natural red wines cold? Probably!

Equally gluggable like the first wine, you should drink this Austrian red from winemaking legend Claus Preisinger chilled from the fridge. It might feel weird at first, but give it a few sips and you'll understand why this is such a wonderful wine served this way.

Actually, we ALWAYS have this wine in the fridge without fail. Why? Because we would argue it is without doubt the best value natural red we've ever tried, considering it's excellent low price point.

It's a homage to Beaujolais-style winemaking, so it's light, fruity and with barely-noticeable tannins. Plus, it's bramble, blueberry and apple notes make it perfect for a weeknight pizza session!

Brand - Pet Nat White  (sparkling)

A Pet-Nat is a sparkling wine that has finished it's fermentation IN the bottle. It's a traditional but risky way for artisan winemakers to make sparkling wine, but when done right the results & bubble sensations are fantastic!

Some Pet-Nats are left undisgorged meaning they can have sediment in the bottle, which we think make them extra fun.

This beautifully fresh Pet-Nat from Weingut Brand in Germany blossoms with notes of vanilla, citrus, wild flowers, honey and a touch of elderflower on the finish. Really nice stuff, ideal to open before dinner or even to celebrate with!

Franco Terpin - Quinto Quarto Bianco (orange)

This Italian winemaker based near the border of Slovenia has build a BIG reputation for his wonderful 'skin-contact' wines, which is the process of letting the skins of white grapes ferment with the grape juice.

This makes the white wine turn an amber / orange colour, and as the skins are where most tannins are found - it also changes the flavour in a VERY different way!

This wine is a good example of this, and you'll get a flavour for how such wines can be delicious, with more sour, tangerine, sherbert notes coming through than you would ever get from a white wine. This is one for slightly-more adventurous types, pair this Franco Terpin wine with spicy food and let us know what you think!

Podere Cipolla - Rosa Dei Venti  (Lambrusco rosé)

You may have had Lambrusco before and thought its cheap supermarket trash, and we'd generally agree with you!

However, Lambrusco (a sparkling wine made with from the Lambrusco grape family, found in Italy's Emilia-Romagna) is having a revival now specialist producers caring for their vines and production more than the rest are becoming more popular.

One such producer is Podere Cipolla, and this Rose Lambrusco is an absolute delight!

Mystery Wine (pssst. it's a secret!)

Every month or two we pick a Mystery Wine for you to buy, which comes wrapped in foil thus hiding the label.

This is quite fun, as you and any guests won't know what it is - red, white, rosé, sparkling or orange? French? German? Italian? Chardonnay? Pinot Noir? Riesling?

By not knowing the label giving the information, drinking wine can become a really fun talking point, and help develop your tasting skills too. For example, you can think about if it is fruity or mineral driven? Silky smooth or crisp & fresh? Perhaps, you recognise the flavours or even guess that grape it could be? Our Mystery Wine will certainly give you something to talk about!

We're a BRAND NEW webshop with lots keeping two people busy - as we are featuring over 700 natural wines from multiple importers! We ask for a little patience in reading more info about this wine - we're hoping to add it soon.

If you're keen to see this wine's specific production methods or history of the producer, we suggest checking the producer's website for now. Thanks for your understanding :)


YES! We can deliver to you!   


Our delivery is quite unique, as we work with our partner importers who supply us the wines to ship to you. This allows you to have much more choice than one shop in general, but the only thing we ask in return is a little patience in delivery and the understanding, that their might be the possibility that one of your wines could be unexpectedly out of stock.  and

If ordered by 1pm on Tuesday, we pick up the ordered wines on Wednesdays from our partners, and aim to dispatch the same day! If in Germany, you can expect your wines within 2-3 working days of his day. If elsewhere in Europe, expect up to 9 working days.
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