We ship these wines every wednesday!We ship these wines every wednesday!

Freddie (Rare, 400 bottles!)


€21,20 per litre

Price includes taxes, but not delivery

Only 400 bottles made from this young family winery in Portugal, who feature their two young daughters on the labels.

Official Notes

Fermentation: The juice from this grape was lightly pressed after harvest and pumped into a stainless steel tank, where it was left alone to ferment with indigenous yeast. Mother nature decided that it would be best for the wine not to complete its full primary fermentation. The wine has residual sugar and rested on its lees for a full 11 months.

Aging phase: Nothing extravagant happened during its aging process. The wine was left in its original fermentation vessel on healthy non reductive lees.

Tasting Notes: This wine is truly our wildcard. Its got it all! It has a difinite indigenous aroma and flavor. It is super fruity from start to finish, and the CO2 helps cut the sweetness on the finish. We think mother nature made a wise decision concerning this wine. Fruit punch in a glass with some beautiful bubbles to boot.

Country: Portugal Region: Lisbon

Type: Sparkling Grapes: Tinto Roriz

Producer: Daughters of Madness

Vintage: 2019 Alcohol: 12%

Bottle Size: 750ml

Price Per Litre: € 21.20

Allergies: Contains Sulphites*


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