We ship these wines every wednesday!We ship these wines every wednesday!



€60,00 per litre

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We have not tried this wine yet, but expect it to taste less "crazy" than most of the others we feature, so more classic in style.

Founder Tomofumi Fujimaru has been one of the key figures in making wine a more popular and natural part of the Japanese everyday cuisine.

The Osaka team works primarily with vineyards in the local area, the small Tokyo winery focuses on single-varietal wines made in collaboration with farmers from Japan’s eastern regions.

The Tabletop Delaware is a transparent and straight-forward expression of the pink-skinned Delaware grape. Native to North America, it is one of the most commonly grown varieties in all of Japan.

It features bright notes of jasmine and incense on the nose, with dandelions and wild herbs on the palate, as well as some yeasty flavours reminiscent of sake.

Just 10ppm sulphites added at bottling.

Country: Japan Region: Yamagata/Tokyo

Type: White Grapes: Delaware

Producer: Fujimaru (JAPAN)

Vintage: 2018 Alcohol: 11%

Bottle Size: 750ml

Price Per Litre: € 60.00

Allergies: Contains Sulphites*


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